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Reloading / Re: stuck case
I've actually started cleaning my autoloader brass twice. Once for an hour in the tumbler with just a handful of pins and a shot of Dawn. That cleans the outside, and I slip a little Imperial on the body and neck of each one, ignoring the inside of the neck. I just sized about 900 cases without putting any wax inside the necks with a small base die and no issue. After they're sized, I put them back in the washer with more pins and ultrasonic juice for the citric acid, and tumble for 2 hours to finish the pockets and remove the wax. Trim, load, fill 50 cal ammo box. Put 223 die away for the year. I don't shoot my automagics much. I prefer a bolt of a lever to them rude, brass bangin autoloaders. So disrespectful to my cases. One of these days... POW! right in the trigger!
Reloading / Re: brass brands
If I were looking for accuracy, which it sounds like you might be, even my plinking ammo would have the same case prep as my "premium" stash. The only difference would be using different powders and bullets for each application. I have never actually had plinking ammo for any 223, 6.5 or other target oriented rifle I shoot. Most of my plinkers are ARs, lever guns, or cheap/fun to shoot inexpensive bolt guns. Think 45-70 lever guns, and 7.62x39 Ruger American rifles.

That said, I also do not go quite as deep down the rabbit hole as some of these guys shooting consistent sub-1/4 MOA groups. I'm not going to start neck turning and stuff like that. I just want to start with good brass, Lapua, and bump shoulders after firing, rinse, repeat. I'm really more into figuring out what can be done with a cartridge, then getting another firearm in something I don't reload, and starting over.
Reloading / Re: Matchking
Yes, but I  am the op, and I didn't ask advice on how to load anything. I'm well aware that every gun is different, and I assumed that went without being said when I asked which MK guys liked.  It  seems like I'm suppose to heed the advice I didn't ask for,  or argue about how someone skins there cat...

You might be missing the point. You're asking about reloading components. We're giving advice about how to get the most out of your reloading components. There isn't any arguing going on, as far as I can tell. The only thing I see is a bunch of free advice you can decide on whether it is useful to you, or not. The point of the discussion is to reiterate to WHOEVER may be reading this that even though you WANT the 142 SMK to shoot the best in your rifle, the Speer HotCore 123 (if they make that in 6.5) might just be the one your rifle is enamored with.

I like the 142 SMK because it is pointed from the factory. That is worth the extra $$$ in my opinion, and it isn't that much more seeing as how it is still cheaper than the tipped MKs. Bergers shoot the best in my rifles, even the VLDs; and, they're easy enough to get an OCW, dial in the jump, then tune the powder charge with. No one here knows your experience or what rifle you're shooting with, nor your expectations for accuracy. We all have differences in each of those categories in the forum as well. We just like to cover all the bases, and you don't have to ready the minutia if you don't want to. Lord knows I skip over a lot of it myself. :))
General Discussion / Re: Hello
Welcome Norman. You better hope I don't see more of your posts, cause I'll reply to them, for sure!
General Discussion / Re: Verification
It happened in the past, so now we have to make sure you're not a bot. It isn't anything personal, and shouldn't be taken that way. I had to do it when I joined as well. It doesn't last long, and you'll be relieved to know you're not a bot when it's all over!
Reloading / Re: Matchking
How did we get on the subject of reloading practices again? lol

This is the reloading forum, you know? Besides, the posts are pertinent as the OP was asking about which bullets shoot the best. The answer is, the ones you spend the time and effort making shoot as well as they possibly can from the rifle you are referring to when you ask the question. Rifles and fingerprints have a lot in common, no two are the same, and you shouldn't leave them anywhere you don't them to be found.
Reloading / Re: Load Development - Totaly Lost

I disagree with shooting round robin :o I would rather shoot 3 rounds in the same condition. Wind, temp, etc.

Perfectly fine and understandable position to take on the matter English. (I'll stop calling you that one day, not sure when, but someday regardless) I tend to prefer round robin for more than just environmental changes. The barrel fouling, heating, etc. all get normalized when you shoot them round robin. Sure, you can shoot a few foulers to start, but we all know the most beautifully hand lapped barrels will still have more carbon fouling in them after 15 rounds than 10 or 7. You shoot well enough to argue with me on any of my opinions, and I certainly wouldn't blame you for doing so when you can clearly see how "well" I shoot. Either way, there's always more than one way to skin a cat, and make kung pao chicken.
Reloading / Re: Load Development - Totaly Lost
If you're only shooting 100 yards for groups and recreation, don't worry about ES so much. That only really rears it's ugly head at longer ranges when the velocity difference starts amplified by external conditions, BC, and gravity. At 100, you just want the OCW method to be validated by your confirmation groups. Your three shot groups, if you shot all three of each charge before shooting the next was kind of a bad idea. If you shot them round robin, one of each in increasing, decreasing, increasing charge weights, then you'd have a better idea of the consistency of each powder charge.

My advice would be to shoot the rounds you loaded, one from each of the charge weights in round robin style, and see which one, if any, are dramatically better than the rest. Without also tuning your jump, which you may not be able to do while restricted on mag length, 0.1 grain charge increments are not really going to prove much in my opinion. Others will disagree, and that's fine. I don't really like them anyway. Dance with the girl you brought, show us the pictures of the targets, how you shot them and such, and we'll lie and argue for you about what you should do next. We're REALLY good at it too.

Merry Christmas, and stay safe.
Reloading / Re: New Bullet Testing-Dimpled Bullets..........
Supersonic golf balls would be interesting. I’ve seen ping pong balls propelled to supersonic velocity in vacuum chambers. I bet those dimples don’t react the same way at supersonic speed even if it was on a much more ballistcally stable platform like a 338 or 308 bullet. Funny story though.
Reloading / Re: Testing RL 26
lol. How’s that working out for you?

I shot these all at the same POA at 25 yards and got 6 or 7 really good groups! (Ignore the thing that says 100 yards on them..., I was trying to impress this group of rifle snobs with how well my 6.5x47 Lapua shoots...)

The half of my face that still has skin on it after that tragic... let’s not talk about it... accident, still has baby smooth skin when I shave it!

@gman47564 you need an assortment. I use a 24oz hammer on 45-70, 16oz for the medium sized rifle cartridges, and a dead blow for shotgun and 5.56. Amazon has a four piece set right now that’ll set you back $29, but they don’t have the wooden handles. I think that diminishes the class and sex appeal of the bench though...
Reloading / Re: Testing RL 26
I just grab whatever powder is layin on the bench, pour it in a case and brush it off even, then "tap" the boolit on top with my ballpeen hammer till it looks about right. Sometimes I do use my bench vise, but that's only on them hollow points cause I don't want the hole in the middle to get all wonky from the hammer...
Reloading / Re: RL 26 Data for 6.5 Creedmoor
You  really need to Calm Down And Chive ON

You're mixin up lifestyles here Bill. We don't chive at at any of the benches this hobby finds us frequenting. Now, if this was a bartenders forum, and we were discussing the merits of adding a couple drops of gasoline vs absinthe to a mickey for a college sophomore at Justice Kavanaugh's 1990's weekly rape trains, you'd be in better company. A more appropriate, and far better received, response would be: "I'm just not really comfortable taking advice, or cautions, from people I don't personally know, or aren't saying what I want to hear."

OAL can play into making slower powders work in cartridges designed for faster powders than you're using. My 7mm08 load for the 162 ELD-M uses a standard burn rate powder, but is loaded at 2.940 OAL to get to 0.013" off the lands. I measured velocities up to 2900 FPS with that combination, no pressures or heavy bolt lift, but decided that was just too rich for my blood. I tuned it down to 2800 and am happy there.

Oh, and whoever called my "sir" earlier... bite me! I am not a sir! :))
Reloading / Re: RL 26 Data for 6.5 Creedmoor
Question Here.
 Has this not been a practice for decades by Reloaders?
Tracking Pressure signs along with accuracy and many other metrics for load development, and then adjusting the load accordingly.
Keep Calm Chive On

How are YOU tracking pressures though? If you're not actively measuring them with a pressure trace, or some other mechanical method of measuring actual chamber pressure,, you're relying on pressure signs, which are not evident until you are well over 10K PSI above safe max average pressures. No one is telling you NOT to do it. The point of our commentary is to provide those without the experience, new reloaders, some insight into what it is they are doing when they start down the road less traveled. Do what you want, but don't tell people not to caution you about your reloading recipe if it has the chance to be dangerous if misused or relies on visual queues for signs of excessive pressure.