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Reloading / Re: Nosler RDF
When you say fliers Rardoin
How far from the Xring ?
10s 9s ?
Reloading / Re: Recommendations for Primers
I’ve used Fed 210s for going on 6 years in the CM. I’ve never had one misfire and had single digit chrony results.
The original Hornady CM Ammo was specked with them and i’ve always stuck with.
Team Curtis Alamo rifle’s today posted some results with the Federal factory 6CM ammo. Phenomenal ammunition. Paul Reid even said why would you reload with these results. Grouping clover leaf & SDs were single digit.
Gunsmithing / Re: New 6 BRA comp gun.
Enjoy that BRA mate !!

I shot my first rounds with my 6BR last weekend.
An amazing cartridge!!
Even easier than a CM to tune for a load IMO.
Managed a hit on a 30" plate at 1727 yards from 10 shots with that little sucker just for shits and giggles.
I honestly didn't think it would get there.
Im running it in a PRS rig , the low recoil has sped up the follow up shots to say the least.
Gunsmithing / Re: Trigger Tech Diamond or Timney Calvin Elite?
GO figure on the pricing hey.
Here in Australia
CE is $345
Bix n Andy Tacsport is $395 & the Comp is $710
Triggertech Diamond is $445

Pretty much opposite to the US

Have been running a Bix n Andy Tacsport in my PRS gun for a few months now. I loved the CE but the Bix has an edge IMO.
Reloading / Re: Prepping new Alpha Brass
Probably fair to say too that LD during extreme temps (we are at 100+ F atm) isn’t ideal conditions to get consistent data for everyday shooting also.
Good to get some data for future reference but I would wait for temps a little less extreme. I’ve seen the “temp stability” here recently with H4350 in 105C temps
Let’s just say it’s performance was a fair bit different than in 10 degrees less ambient.
120fps on top consistent too.
Reloading / Re: Prepping new Alpha Brass
When we started using the Lapua cm brass  I was starting 1.5 grains lower than Hornady on a work up.About 40 grains
From what Ive seen in a friends gun shooting the Alpha brass I would start at around 38.5gr H4350 behind 140s. Im waiting on LRP Alpha atm.
A friend is shooting the SRP & the case capacity is definitely a lot lower as he was seeing pressure a lot lower in the charge range compared to an identical load in Lapua SRP.
Dans advice of starting LD after fire forming aligns with what we have seen so far too. Once it's settled the numbers are definitely next level tho.
General Discussion / Re: going to shoot sone PRS this year
Rifle & optics is an endless list of opinions the Golden Eagle is not an ideal PRS optic thats for sure.
Vortex Razor Gen 2 with EBR2C
Kahles with SKMR3
Nightforce ATACR with the new Mil XT
All excellent choices

What Dan said on the heavy fill is the word.
I just finished my first PRS season here & tried a ton of bags. A Solosac ,Pint-sized GC & a decent Pump pillow will get most things done. That heavy fill is rock solid.
You might want to lower your CC limit too. This gig keeps you spending :))  :))
General Discussion / Re: Velcro-backed 6.5 Creedmoor Store patches
Happy to send you some of the standard patches Eric
You can glue the velcro straight to the back of them. A few have done it here no problem
I won’t be making any more patches
Didn’t get anywhere near the demand that a lot indicated when I had these made.
Same with hats when I asked about them I think I got about 20 preferences & none were the same so I’m glad I didn’t go down that route.
General Discussion / Re: 1000yd Target Size
Ours is 20” across & 30” top to bottom.
It’s at 1080yards / 1000m
Have a line across it to check waterline
It’s a good size to check your rounds on as without feedback what do you have?
We have a 24” disc we can shoot at 1500m Last time out I went 5/8  in 6mph winds.
We generally size about 1.5 MOA for distance.
Reloading / Re: "Run-Out"
Buy a Forster Coax press and you will have negligible runout in your rounds
I sold my Hornady Concentricity tool after I got the Coax
Didn’t need it any more.
The fully floating system of this press with an Ultra seater is as good as it gets IMO
Wildcats / Re: The 6.53 Creedmoor
Checkout this site
Specialises in 25cal cartridges
Sells reamers , barrels & a specialty 131gr projy made under licence for them by Sierra
Have been following them for a while now. Some very impressive results with the 25CM & 25x 47
A 330G7  BC 6mm performance 65 barrel life