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Reloading / Re: SR vs. LR Primer?
The best article Ive seen on it. Actual testing in the same rifles. Real life conditions.
Reloading / Re: SR vs. LR Primer?
Other than case head longevity I can’t see a benefit for the SRP. I’d put a box of my LRP handloads up against SRP any time for accuracy.
Have never had a single blown primer in the 6 years i’ve been shooting the cartridge either.
The SRP brass seems to have issues with that in certain rifles .
If your shooting a huge yearly round count then the SRP is probably worth a look.Personally I’m sticking with LRP  in my 65.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Opinion of new for 2018 Browning Xbolt long range 1:7 twist
Unless your shooting thin jacketed varmint type projys the faster twist shouldnt be an issue. There seems to be a trend with gunsmiths moving to 7” twist in 65 also.
If your shooting the heaviest projectiles for caliber they will always be longer so a faster twist is generally required.
eg. 90gr in 223rem
Hunting / Re: BC app
Most any of the top quality apps will do that. Ballistic ARC is my favorite.
Yeah same here Jerry. It got recommended to me by the fella that loves to spend my money on here 😉literally as I was just about to pull the trigger on a Kestrel
For once I saved a heap of money & the results have been excellent.
I have AB & even some custom drag curves.
The data coming out of Geo is way better IMO. I have verified & calibrated out to 1000m now. It is spot on. I was shooting with an experienced F class guy last weekend. He was very impressed with the lack of vertical & the first shot centreline hits at every distance we tested.
He already has a Kestrel but liked the Geo Ballistics after seeing the results.
My ammo is dialled & the DOPE is gtg.

Reloading / Re: A question about brass.
I run the exact same load in converted LP Lapua 308 cases with Nosler 140RDF for 2820fps from 26” pipe.
I have Peterson brass that showed a lot of pressure signs at that load until I turned the necks down. Last time out I ran these & got the same speed as the Lapua with the same load.
When I ran them across the Labradar initially before they were turned the speeds were all over the shop An SD of 56 for 20 shots if i remember correct.
The quality of the Peterson brass is excellent IMO but I think will need neck turning in most rifles to run loads much above 41 grains of H4350
This has been our experience in multiple rifles.
If you need brass I would try & source Alpha personally Excellent quality
It is available here in Australia now & I am moving over to it.
Reloading / Re: 100 gn loads
I shoot Nosler 100gr BTs in my hunting rig.
H4895 works nice behind them. I’m running 39gr in Hornady brass
24” barrel
This load is getting up there so definitely work up
H4895 is the goto powder for these light pills tho. Good speed with excellent consist accuracy.
Good luck
Reloading / Re: Relationship between COAL and Charge
Increasing your COAL will consequently increase your case capacity, thus will lower the pressure.
Lower pressure equals lower velocity.
Keep the same COAL, gradually increase the powder charge and when you find another sweet spot, try tuning it in with changing the COAL by 10-20 thou if necessary.

Some of what you say is right but as the projectile gets moved closer to the rifle lands as it’s seated longer pressure will increase too.
This is where the balance between powder charge & seating depth cross over ie . tuning a load.
Rifles vary tight necks etc all play a part in how the pressures presents itself.
Reloading / Re: AMP annealer Aztec mode now available!
My Bench-Source is doing just fine by me. No need nor desire to spend money on a product that is not proven reliable and still a first generation. Spent my cash on a fruit grinder and a hydro press for juicing my plums, peaches apples and grapes to make the finer things in life.

The AMP is a great machine bud. I have had mine for about 12 months. Have done a lot of cases with it 204- 338LM
The results have been nothing short of excellent. Even pulling some amazing groups out of factory hunting rifles.
IMO the Aztec thing sounds like snake oil to me. It’s an annealer , how can it analyse brass ?
I won’t be bothering with it. If you follow the instructions & even over time experiment a little yourself you don’t need it.
As long as the groups are small & the gongs are dinging I couldn’t care less.
Doing your batches the same is all that matters.
It’s getting way overthought.