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General Discussion / Re: NRA.
Yes I do. I doubt its 100 percent true but i do think some of it to be true..

Saul Alinski - (paraphrase) “the first stage of community organization is community disorganization “

First stage of disorganization- sow a seed of doubt

No organization is perfect and the NRA is no exception, IMO. The correct thought process or approach to that problem is to weed out the bad characters without destroying the whole and the good work it does. I’ll guarantee you, this writer is pushing for destruction of the whole.  I would suggest to anyone not to succumb to the poison of the author’s narrative.
Competition / Re: 2020 Mammoth Sniper Challenge
That’s impressive!!!
Takes 10x more commitment to get back to top condition at 50 then when you are 30. More work, more pain, slower cellular response. Sounds like you’re making good progress. I’m looking forward to seeing you accomplish your goal and compete well.

Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
It’s hard to over lube with the One Shot since it dissipates on the brass surface so well. Consider a little spritz on the inside of the die when you first start out.
Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
Case head separation is a function of brass fatigue associated with the molecular structure of the brass, as well as, the amount of “stretch” created by too much headspace. Unless the brass is at the end of its reloading life, case head separation is only going to occur with repetitive excessive head spacing  > 0.004 or so. One to two thousandths shoulder bump is considered safe for the lugs if they are properly cleaned and lubed, but it also provides for some case expansion during chamber pressuring. Some reloaders feel there is a more consistent or repeatable pressure curve during ignition, if there is greater room for brass expansion and thus they not only bump the shoulder but also full length size. This point has been debated for decades and the argument is still heated at times. I sure don’t know if FL sizing for every chamber leads to a lower ES but it seems to for the rifles I shoot.

It sounds like you are seeing a fairly broad range of head space results after doing your FL sizing. One cause for this that has occurred to me, has come from inconsistent lubrication of my cases. Those cases that were under lubed did not get as good a shoulder bump as those that were lubed adequately.  If you find the same thing maybe you can decrease the variability you are seeing and have less of those cases that cause a stiff bolt closure.
Gunsmithing / Re: Patriot Valley Arms
Show off! 😄

That’s sweet Gregg. Looks like most everything else you tune up. I think you have the technique mastered.