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Forum Blog / New Equipment Category
A little rearranging this morning. Txcas has created a new Software/Electronics category for us under the Equipment heading. Discussions on QuickLOAD, ballistic apps, target cameras, etc. can now be more easily found and no longer need to be mixed with other topics in General Discussion. Thanx Txcas!
Reloading / Re: Forster Co Ax in stock at MidwayUSA
“I know Forster makes a bench top version w a feed tube, I’m not sure if they use the same engineered hard stop design as the press? Anyone know??
If they do I may just look into getting one to speed things up.”

Yes Dan they do and recently improved the ease of “hands off” primer tube loading. I think their unit may be just as good as Holland’s but I haven’t used one to compare.
Reloading / Re: Forster Co Ax in stock at MidwayUSA
So I received and set up the new co ax. I think I know the answer but I’ll ask anyway, do those that use the co ax really hand load primers one at a time into the top shell holder or do you use a hand priming tool and skip priming on the co ax ?

Yep a lot of folks do use the Co-Ax priming system. It is not fast and it almost forces you into wearing a lackey glove to handle your primers. When I was using mine I was able to develop the dexterity it load primers with a pair of forceps.
The advantage of the Co-Ax primer is the fact that it will give you exactly the same depth of seating every time. Guys who say “Oh I want to feel my primers seat so I know they are in the right position” are not seating in uniformed primer pockets and thus need to adjust seating force from one primer to the next. With uniformed pockets setting the depth on the Co-Ax or the Holland modified RCBS bench primer gives the same anvil setting every time. I know this is a debatable subject but for me I want the same seating depth in the same pocket depth in every round.
If you are looking for this approach and have speed - go to the Holland Perfect Primer. I’m sold on mine.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: BARREL TREATMENTS
No opinion on the cryo treatment.

Tubbs sells burnishing bullets in different calibers that are ready to go - no paste. I agree that these should not be used in a hand lapped barrel that is not coppering excessively. If it is - better send it back. 😊
Reloading / Re: .300 PRC dummy rounds
What size neck bushing have u settled on after measurements?  I picked up a set of Hornady FL Bushing dies too.  Was able to pickup 100 Hornady brass cases too.

Can't seem to find any rl26 or h1000

These guys have them both.!q=H1000

I’m using H1000 in my 300 Norma Mag. It’s a good powder and probably what Dave will end up using in the 300 PRC.