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October 23, 2017 ...

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That's impressive, very nice.
Hey guys,

   Looking to refine my reloading process and this may end up being a long winded post so bear with me. As of right now my Ruger Precision's favorite load work up has been:

LC Converted Brass trimmed down to 1.910"
Neck turned to .0135"
CCI Large rifle primers
IMR 4350 at 41.1gr
Hornady 140gr ELD-M seated .015 from the lands
MV: 2710-2724 fps

Right now the reloading process is a little tedious and I am trying to eliminate as much error as I can. Process is as follows as well as equipment used.

Trim case length back to 1.910" - Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer
Neck Size to .002" - Forster bump and neck sizing die .288 Bushing
Prime with onborad primer - Forster Co-Ax press
Powder Charge - Hornady Powder dispenser (electric)
Seat Bullet- Hornady match grade die with micrometer stem
Check Runout- Hornady Concentricity Gauge
other tools used
Neck Turning - K&M Precision Neck Turning tool
Fankford Arsenal Digital Calipers
Hornady Bullet comparator
K&M Epander Mendrel
Hornady OAL Gauge

 I do use an expander mendrel when I am dealing with unfired converted cases and when I am having issues with neck tension. I will down size the neck and then uniform it wth the mendrel and either corectly re-size it or turn the neck back to my specs and re-size. The real issue I am having is variations in group size within a given batch regardless of how uniform I may try to get the casings and bullet seating depths. I do use a comparator for measuring the ogive and use the Hornady OAL Gauge to measure my lands for a given lot of bullets. However I am certain the rifle isnt the factor because I have produced sub- half MOA groups within the same batch and across multiple batches. The average group size runs right around 1 MOA to 1.17". Shooting position is built up and fundamentals are all practiced on each shot. Am I just that jacked up in my process or am I missing a key detail. Experts hit me with that knowledge hammer!

General Discussion / Re: can somebody tell me what this is
Last post by Nishon -
Looks like a James Bond opening scene to me. Just put some more bullets down the tube!
Yep thats what im gonna shoots really good anyway! I dont know why i bought that borescope,would have been better if i didnt see that but anyhow im going to put another barrel on once this gives up so im just using the factory barrel to improve my shooting technique so i dont have to do that on an aftermarket barrel.
A truly classy rifle. We need some target photos.

P.S. Just "any" woman is not classy or hot but the rare ones that are are usually keepers - that is unless they are high maintenance. ;o)

Eric B.

Here is my node
General Discussion / Re: can somebody tell me what this is
Last post by CaptGrumpy -
Looks like a James Bond opening scene to me. Just put some more bullets down the tube!
..... at that point hold onto that brass and anneal when I get the funds to buy a machine.  It looks like the more I read an annealing machine is a good investment if the individual plans on shooting for precision a lot.

Take a look at doing molten salt immersion annealing. No flames and no ruining brass by over heating the brass and can be done for about $120 total cost

Here is the thread on it:
Reloading / Re: Powder Burn Rate Chart
Last post by dadajack -
Pedal whatever you like, but RL-26 behind a 143 at 2900 fps is 75k psi. Innefficient and unsafe. Responsible gun owners keep their irresponsible practices to themselves.
General Discussion / Re: can somebody tell me what this is
Last post by Ed -
If that was my barrel I would run a lightly covered patch of Isso through it and check again
Reloading / Re: Help me with my ES and SD. What am I doing wrong????
Last post by Ed -
Cd, it has been said in this thread already but I to believe your SDs would come way down if you get off the lands or jam harder or measure all you bullets for ogive and use only ones that are the same. If you measure a box of bullets (any manufacture) you will get a big surprise-they are not the same! Even if you measure and sorted very careful you next would have to check throat wear and continually adjust for "just touching" the lands. Unless you want to shoot VLDs, staying off the lands is a better option imo
General Discussion / Re: Imgur for Dummies
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Well maybe someone will get both of us educated. 😁
I tried imgur and also hard a time time loading pics so now im using
and its really easy to my pics uploaded on the first try.