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LabRadar w/ 130 gr projectiles

New to the forum, and thanks in advance for your response. 

Tried to shoot a ladder test with Sierra 130 gr TMK's and Hornady 130 gr ELD's.  My Labradar would not trigger or record  suppressed rounds this weekend. 

With Sierra 130 gr TMK's, it would not trigger or record when suppressed.  It did trigger & record once, but the recorded velocity could not have been correct.  It would trigger unsuppressed, but would not record (I would get error message it could not acquire the projectile).  I checked and re-checked the unit’s alignment with the target, and it was secure on tripod.  All loads supersonic. The base of the boattail measures 0.212".

With Hornady 130 gr ELD's, it would not trigger suppressed.  It would trigger and record unsuppressed with no errors.  All loads supersonic.  The base of the boattail measures 0.233”.

The unit has triggered and recorded suppressed .223, 300 AAC and 308 previously (supersonic).  It will not trigger 300 AAC subsonic without air-rifle mic. 

Any ideas why would it not trigger and record any of the Sierra projectiles?  Any ideas why would it trigger on the Hornady projectiles suppressed and not record data?  BTW, LabRadar was absolutely no help today.


Re: LabRadar w/ 130 gr projectiles

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A friend of mine couldn't pick up his .50 BMG until he placed the unit directly under his brake.

You might try playing around with the alignment.

Re: LabRadar w/ 130 gr projectiles

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I had some funkiness a month or so ago and couldn’t get mine to record anything.  I don’t run a suppressor.  So, I did a reset, new card, everything I could think about - nothing helped.  I did set it in a different place than I normally do though.  So, I called them up and said I think it is broken...  They said doubtful, try moving it further away from barrel, put barrel/brake further in front (6+ inches) - he said most likely I was too close and it was getting the shockwave from the brake.  Well, this weekend it recorded 100 out of 100 rounds and I wasn’t shooting shitty because I was pissed off at the Labradar!

Long winded, but net net is move it around a little and see if that helps.  If not call them, nice folks and they are helpful...
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Re: LabRadar w/ 130 gr projectiles

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Was your sensitivity level set low ??  You can go from 1 to 5 with
1 being the most sensitive. Also I had no problem with my buddies
suppressed .308.  Because of bench space, the can was 8 inches
ahead of the radar. I reset the radar for 12 inches and moved the
unit over. It worked with 4 of the 5 shots recorded within' a few
feet of each other, and matching what his Magnetospeed said.

Where was the muzzle in relation to the front and sides of the unit ??
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Re: LabRadar w/ 130 gr projectiles

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I finally received an email from LabRadar.  He suggested keeping suppressor 6-8" to the side of the of the unit, and, 12" back (bench side).  He said the suppressor releases confined and dense gas that could be blocking the view of the bullet.  Still no answer why it won't record the Sierra 130 TMK's when unsuppressed. 

FUJ--The 6-8" side distance recommendation matched my setup at the range.  I positioned the suppressor from 6" in front to 6" behind the unit.  I varied the sensitivity level from 1-5 throughout the process.  I even changed the radar frequency in case there was some interference.