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General Discussion / Re: Sad News At The Range
im pretty lucky that I can shoot at home... however the little town I live in is only 3/4 a mile away as the crow flies... a couple months ago a friend of mine was in our local mini mart and he said they was a guy in their bitichin about all the shooting he could here from his house … that he was sick of it... said it was every day for hours at a time sometimes... said he would like to stick the gun up whoevers arse that was doing all the shooting.... my buddy told him it was me... and told him .. you know he can hit you from right here... :)  after my buddy told him that the guy said well I wasn't going to say any thing too him... lol I've seen the guy 2 or 3 times since and he hasn't said a


Something that you might do to curb the noise that bothers your neighbors is make a sound suppressor from tires. I haven't done it myself yet, but it is on the list of things to do because I don't have threaded barrels on all my guns. A stack of tires tied tight together and placed on a rack if you shoot from a bench or laid on the ground if you shoot prone should help contain the noise. A piece of plywood screwed to the tire with a rectangular slot  to stick your muzzle into, yet give you a sight path for your iron sights or scope. You could get as fancy or simple as you want, but it should really help with the sound traveling away from your shooting area. Maybe even build some baffles with plywood between the tires? Think big silencer that isn't attached to your gun.

I am lucky that I can shoot behind my house. I'm just 1/4 mile out of town and worry about being incorporated all the time.  I have just over 100 yards to shoot back there. I have neighbors across the street, but none to the sides. About a mile behind I have some. I built a back stop with railroad ties and dirt so no one can say that I don't have a way of stopping the bullets. I also have a big water retention berm behind my property for flood control that never happens around here. I decided to only shoot surpressed so I don't call unwanted attention to myself.  I have some friends that don't like that I won't let them shoot at my place without suppressors, but that is my choice to extend my years of shooting here.
Reloading / Re: New Member Here - Asking for help reading OCW test from today
I also like the shooting Prime 130 gr OTM Match bullet.  It shoots so well out my rifle that I also wanted to duplicate it.   I did some research and found that Prime uses Norma Brass with the Norma Golden Target 130 gr HPBT round.  I collected the velocity I was shooting out of my rifle (2840 avg FPS with SD of13.1) and also measured the COAL and Ogive they were loaded to.  With that in hand, I loaded 10 rounds (used Prime brass that has been fired from my Savage 10BA Stealth) in .2 increments of the powder that I used (three:  H4350, 8208XBR and Varget).  I found two nodes.   Loaded four 5 rounds with each powder and tested them.   Conclusion:  H4350 gave me avg velocity of 2888 with SD of 3.3.  However, the accuracy was at .75” (not to bad).  Varget gave me avg velocity of 2845 with SD of 6.4 but accuracy was .425”.  

Was the 8201 XBR too slow?
General Discussion / Re: Bench set-up, The stool?
Will have to do it with pictures and will take/post measurements.  A guy in Dover, TN was building the benches and selling them through Brigham Hardware.  $125  each.  Built of treated lumber and seat attaches with 3/16 bolts.  We break them down and travel with them. Tightened, they are rock solid.  Wife bought me two, a lefty and a righty for Christmas a few years ago.  Sadly, the gentleman building them passed way a year ago.  Fix for the metal bench is to weld a fixed seat long enough to handle the butt of a left or right handed shooter. Give me a while.  Have a lot going on.  Pictures and measurements easy, Posting pics?  Could take years and cost thousands of lives.

No rush. I do my shooting prone because I don't have a bench. When it rains it always collects in the low spot where I shoot from. I want to build a bench to stay out of the wet. I also have a gentlemen in his late 70s that likes to come over occasionally, but he is having a harder time with prone as each year passes.
General Discussion / Re: Bench set-up, The stool?

You have any pictures or plans for your bench? I shoot from under the overhang on a out building. I don't want anything permanent because I have to move it and park stuff under there occasionally. Solid, sturdy and still movable aren't usually in the same bench. LOL
Reloading / Re: New Member Here - Asking for help reading OCW test from today
My unsolicited comment. Find out what length you can run in your magazine before you waste anymore time and money testing depths.

When I am restricted by mag length I start with about .050” short and work up my load at that length. When you find your preferred charge then try a little on each side. That way you have some wiggle room as the throat erodes. If you start at max length you have nowhere to go as the throat goes away. This is what I did with my original AR style PMAGs that came with my RPR.
Gunsmithing / Re: Upgrades For Savage Accutrigger?
I have a cheap 12FV (that I paid way to much for), not the target action. From what I have read I cannot get the target trigger with this action. I am seriously considering the RB2 but I have read mixed reviews on it. It could have been people who don't understand how the mechanism works so I may go for it anyway. I'd just like to know if there is more out there that I am unaware of.
Reloading / Re: Sierra Gamechanger 130
When you did your velocity measurements, did you shoot at the same POA, or spread the shots out over multiple targets? I usually shoot one POA for the initial 10 shots of my version of an OCW load workup, just to see what the aggregate for all ten shots looks like over the charge specturm. Did you notice any shots in the string that showed a lot of elevation change compared to the others and POA

If he shot all 13 (40.8-43.2) of his rounds at one POA what would that tell you, if it is a decent group you are in the right speed zone? If that is what you are looking for then what size 13 shot group would you consider a good one?

I have much to learn obviously!
Reloading / Re: Welcoming comments on my 1st velozity node test
I meant to say I always use a full value (90*) crosswind of 15 MPH when comparing bullets and speeds.

Since you are going to use it for hunting that may be less important if you are in thick cover and only have short range shots. If you hunt in the open plains and desert it may be very important to you.