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Reloading / Re: Switching brands of brass.
How do you manage to get everything to shoot right away? I never come away with results like that without using tons of powder, primers and bullets first. If I ever get there at all. I know a lot of it is your shooting skills, but dang man, you find a killer load for every rifle you try.
Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
I must be the odd duck, I let One Shot dry for 5 minutes. I also clean the die out and spray some one shot in it and let it dry. I had the same kind of inconsistent shoulder bump using Lee sizing wax. I sprayed it on heavy and it seemed smoother than the One Shot, but the results weren't any better. Some day I will try Imperial sizing wax, but I have a couple tubs of Unique to use up first, and a little goes a LONG way! At $4 a tub it's hard to beat Unique.

I use Forster dies and change out the expander setup with a Lyman carbide expander. If I use a mandrel I use a carbide one of those as well.
Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
Not that any of you guys are doing this, but I found myself chasing my tail on shoulder bump. I would get the die set and do a few and they were all within a thousandths and then I would get to cranking them out and find there were a bunch that were longer. It was frustrating and I finally figured out what was happening.

I would lube a few cases by hand using Unique to set the die. This way I didn't have to wait for One Shot (OS) to dry. Then I would use One Shot for mass lubing of brass. Once the Unique was gone I could tell the One Shot took more effort to size and especially pulling the brass back out of the die it took more effort. It seems like the OS lubed brass was stretching back out when pulling the brass out of the die. The Unique is always easier and smoother to size with, but I didn't think it made a difference in the final outcome and I was wrong. I switched to lubing only with Unique and I don't have that problem anymore.
Gunsmithing / Re: Patriot Valley Arms
I will drag out the 4166 again because it was slightly faster than Varget. I had some big speed swings when I tested it before. I switched to Varget and didn't have the same issues. I loaded 10 round of each powder up to test. I left 5  test rounds of each 4166 and Varget out overnight to cold soak and then shot them. I let the barrel cool and and then shot the rest that had been in the house overnight. I don't recall the numbers off the top of my head but I believe the Varget was around or under 20 FPS slower when cold and the 4166 was more than double that. I'll have to search my texts because I'm pretty sure I sent the info to my shooting buddy.
Gunsmithing / Re: Patriot Valley Arms
Nice! Why 95s and not 105s? What speeds are you getting? I tried 4166 in my BR and it was quite temp sensitive, but I was testing in the winter and maybe that was it? Once it starts getting consistently hot I will try 4166 again.

I have a PVA barrel sitting in the safe. I'd be tickled if I could get it to shoot like that.
Competition / Course Of Fire At Your PRS Style Matches
I'm curious to see what other clubs have as their course of fire compared to ours. We are a small club and are limited to 22 members (land owner's rules) and only have three ranges for our matches at this time and they vary a little each time we shoot there but eventually you shoot all the steel in various fashions.

Currently we are limited to 1050, 971 and one range is only good for about 650 yards. Times, target size and difficulty are adjusted to try make it more challenging at the shorter distances at the short range. 50-60 rounds is normal with the finale usually around 110 rounds. Some targets are 2 MOA (if there are 2 targets on a rack) while most are much smaller. Some stages will be cleaned by some, but never all. Never has a match been cleaned by an individual.

Attached are the COF from the first two matches of 2019. Times were generous for the first match and won't be as nice as we progress. This was done for any new members and to get back in the game. Round three is at a range owner who loves to make you shoot fast. I think he secretly has stock in barrel making companies.

So lets see what you guys shoot. We are small and still learning and we can get some ideas from your COFs.