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Reloading / Re: Base to Ogive consistency
Berger says they use the same die for all bullets of that lot. Once the die wears out, goes beyond tolerance, they replace it and start with a new die and therefore a new lot of bullets. At least that's how I understand it. I called them Friday about this as my new Loy of 6mm Hybrid Target bullets were .010" longer and the BTO was .009" longer.
Reloading / Re: Forster Bump neck sizing Dies
Gregg it wasn't a full length sizer that scratched the case. It is that shoulder bump bushing die that did. It's not a fl doesn't size the body.

Grant I thought you polished the inside of your dies and didn't have anymore problems with scratches?

I have never had to body size my cases after using a BBND. I pull an expander ball back through mine and to make sure the inside is round. It has light tension with the bushing I use. It seem to work just fine.

I tried a Lee collet die but didn't like the lines it left on the outside of the neck. I tried using a fine polishing cloth to round the edges of the cuts in the collet but it didn't get me the final result I was looking for. I don't feel I'm applying too much pressure on the handle. Not 25 pounds for sure. How are you handling that?
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Bergara hmr issues
I bought a bergara off a friend, same issues. Even at 39-40 gr of 4350, it was popping primers.

I run cci small magnum primers for my 6mm CM, but unsure of the cost to bush the firing pin, i bought 164 pieces of hornady brass for like $20 off another friend and ill just run LP brass in the berg.
Popping primers is a completely different issue than flow back into the gap between the firing pin and bolt face. Later you said the primer pockets are stretched and will not hold a primer. This sounds like high pressure to me. Even if it is a light load a carbon ring or a seriously copper fouled barrel could boost pressures up.

Check out this article. CLR could help you get rid of a carbon ring fast.
General Discussion / Re: Chassis rifle opinions and why.
I have two 6.5 Creedmoor rifles and have grown quite fond of this cartridge.  Neither of my rifles are the chassis style.  A very intelligent feller on this forum shared some info with me last year and after some research I ended up with a very nice rifle in 300 Norma that was his suggestion and I am happy that I listened to him!
     I am now in search of a chassis style 6.5 Creedmoor rifle and want to hear what you all think about the current offerings.  Sure, I would love an expensive full custom, but I would like to be shooting this rifle by December.  That is the start of our long range season around here since the crops are gone.
     If you have a preference, add a quick note about why you like that particular one.  I have an idea of which one I like, but I can also say I have heard of issues with it...and the other one I like...and the other one.
What I have seen in forums is this:
Christensen Arms MPR has a slight wait time on build, but some have also reported " nothing special" in the accuracy department and most of those comments have referenced barrels being the cause.
Bergara has damn nice barrels from what I know ( i am certainly no authority though ) but I have seen numerous posts regarding a problem with small primer piercing ( I have 300 brand new sp Lapua already for this project ) which would suck.
MPA has a very nice rifle but I am too impatient to wait until February or April.
Honestly, I dont know much about the Ruger as far as barrel quality or persistent issues.
So what are your thoughts guys,  open mic.


This guy always has complete MPA rifles for sale. I think he has standing orders with MPA.

This guy is the same way
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: New RPR broke first shooting
It looks like part of the cocking mechanism broke. I doubt Ruger sells those parts. I would call them, maybe they will send you the parts to fix it but I bet they’ll want it back.
General Discussion / Re: Cans v.s. brakes for staying on target?
When I go to competitions I see a fair amount of shooters with cans. The best info I got from them was "It all depends on the can design."


Eric B.

I have the anchor brake on my Omega, does it make any difference? I couldn’t tell you. Since all cans trap the gasses I don’t see how any design can mitigate recoil better than another. IMO it’s not possible to do that inside a can. Maybe, once the gasses leave the can, maybe?

I noticed a lot more recoils and loss of sight picture when I switched to a suppressor. I had to adapt to backing off my scopes power to spot my hits. Now this may all sound negative and like I don’t like my suppressor. That isn’t true at all. When I finish a match now my head isn’t pounding from all the concussion on shooting with a brake. The fact that my shots aren’t heard two counties over is also a plus, especially with all the bleeding hearts out there trying to stop all kinds of shooting. So IMO the trade offs are worth it. I am not a noted competitor, I just have fun. If I was a top gun like Rob I may have a different opinion.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Vortex Viper 5-25X50 FFP GenII ?
I have the Gen 1 and Gen 2 PST FFP with EBR-2C reticle. The Gen 2 is a nice improvement over the original, but that is still a decent scope, especially if you are on a budget.

I use mine for shooting steel in our local PRS style matches. It’s more than adequate for this. It’s not a Gen 2 Razor by any stretch but that cost $2K and this was $850 military pricing.

The last two matches I have shot the reticle only, no dialing. It is a time saver but takes a little time getting used to finding your mark. I really like this reticle and about the only tweak I’d like to see is .2 mil markings instead of .5 mil.
General Discussion / Re: 6.5 magazines?
AICS mags are the industry standard. They allow a longer overall length than AR type mags. Be forewarned that although those Tikka mags are great they are expensive. The Tac A1 mags are about $120 a pop if I remember correctly.